This Must See Documentary Series Unveils the Greatest
Paradigm Shift in Medical History

Hear from over 80 physicians and scientists around the globe hailing from top universities and medical institutions how the
stem cell technology that is said to be 10, 20, years down the road is actually here - NOW!

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about the documentary

This is truly a NEW ERA in medicine. Doctors are able to do things today previously thought to be impossible. The stem cell technology that is said to be 10, 20 years down the road,” is actually here - NOW! Unfortunately, the research and work being done around the world, by many of the brave pioneers leading the Healthcare Revolution, is upsetting the pharmaceutical model. This model expects you to keep paying for prescription pills on a monthly basis that doesn’t primarily cure you but alleviate the symptoms or related pain. The Healthcare Revolution reveals the BIG SECRET the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know. What if you could primarily treat the cause of that pain? In this groundbreaking documentary series, hear from those pioneers that asked, “What if?” and then did something about it. Get firsthand information from experts from around the world, educated at the most elite institutions, and working at some of the most respected universities and hospitals. Whether it’s restoring function and reducing pain in someone with knee arthritis, reversing blindness in a patient with optic neuritis, restoring patients’ ejection fraction post heart attack, getting a quadriplegic to walk unassisted - it’s happening now and you need to know about it. You’ve never heard information this valuable or important before. What they have to say needs to be heard. It will save lives.

Episode 1: The STATES Leading the way

  • Certain states such as Texas refuse to be stepped upon by the federal government.
  • Texas first implemented the “Right To Try” law, which allows terminally ill patients to use treatments that are still considered experimental if conventional medicine has nothing left to offer.
  • The US government quickly followed suit, passing the 21st Century Cures Act, allowing for an accelerated pathway for FDA approval of regenerative medical treatments. Today, states like Arkansas, with the Emerging Therapies Act of 2017, actually require that all state employees and teachers have access to regenerative medical treatments covered by insurance.


  • Not every patient responds the same ways to specific drug based protocols.
  • In fact, many FDA approved drugs are the cause of death to thousands of Americans every year.
  • Cellular therapies have exhibited an exceptional safety profile, but when it comes to efficacy, many success stories are written off as anecdotal.
  • Is there a place for evidence based outcomes in the advancement of regenerative cellular therapies or should the field rely upon double blind placebo controlled studies?

Episode 3: Global Influencers

  • There are scores of scientists and researchers all across the globe aggressively searching for cures for every single health condition.
  • As regenerative medicine becomes the standard of care, the business ramifications will literally affect global economics.
  • With this paradigm shift in medicine, global health regulatory bodies led by the US FDA are trying to keep up. Often, their regulations have inhibited critical advancements and have forced research and patient care overseas.
  • The Healthcare Revolution has crossed the globe. See where the research is taking place and where practitioners are opening new clinics in order to offer their patients revolutionary care.

Episode Experts

Dr. Anand Srivastava

Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research

Deven Patel

Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research

Eckhard Alt, MD, PhD

European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society

Dr. Elena Rusyn, MD

Duke University

Dr. Jorge Gavino, MD

Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Luis Romero, MD

University of Guadalajara

Elias Bemaras

ProgenCell, Mexico

Dr. Takashi Asada, PhD

Kyoto University, Japan

Dr. Michael Stein, MD

Rhodes Scholar/Oxford University

Episode 4: The Lawsuits - Your Cells, Your Choice

  • There's an assumption that medical advancements, especially stem cell advancements, have to come from laboratory university research. This is mistaken
  • Rather than the government or universities, the private sector leads the way in innovation.
  • In a world where large pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers have much control over the regulatory environment, smaller innovative doctors and companies get shut out.
  • There's a battle right now between two small companies and the FDA, that will likely have an enormous impact on the field of regenerative medicine and personal cell therapy for years to come.

Episode Experts

Dr. Mark Berman, MD

Co-Founder of Cell Surgical Network

Dr. Elliot Lander, MD FACS

Co-Founder Cell Surgical Network

Dr. Thomas Murphy, MD

MIT Univeristy

Kristin Comella, PhD

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc

Michelle Parlo, PA-C

Miami University in Ohio

Episode 5: Doctors on The Front Lines

  • Regenerative medicine is moving at such a fast rate, with such exciting outcomes, that any doctor not keeping up will be left behind in the near future.
  • These new developments are exciting to “bad actors” wanting to take advantage of the hype to turn a quick profit
  • While the regulatory agencies figure out how to police this new era of medicine and keep out the inexperienced bad actors, the physicians on the front lines know they have a duty to take care of their patients to the best of their ability. This is their Hippocratic Oath. These are the board certified physicians, from elite institutions, serving on the front lines, caring for their patients, and consequently reshaping the Healthcare Revolution.

Episode 6: Real World Evidence II

  • Doctors have an obligation to care for their patients.
  • Both the doctor and the patient might not have the luxury of waiting for the completion of a trial or double blind study.
  • Given this obligation, some brave doctors are working with their patients in ways unimaginable and for the best.
  • These are some of those success stories.

Episode 7: Mind Body Spirit Cells

  • Medical doctors are trained in systems: the muscular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system etc.
  • But more and more, doctors are embracing the concept of treating the whole body, the whole person and not just the symptom located in one system of the body.
  • Stem cells aren’t a miracle in a bottle alone. If a patient continues unhealthy habits, then there is no point in using these advanced therapies.
  • Truly caring doctors want to get their patients in a 100% harmonious equation that includes: Mind, Body, Spirit and Cells.

Episode 8: Today's trials, tomorrow's cures

  • The development of new therapies are put through a rigorous testing process before they are made widely available to the public.
  • Clinical trials are use to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs, devices, and in these cases, cellular therapies. These trials are often overseen by IRBs (Institutional Review Boards), which are themselves governed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The process is extensive and exhaustive for these cellular therapies. A quick review of will show thousands of trials for everything from aging to ALS, blindness to cancer, in hopes that only the best therapies will one day become widely available.
  • These are the people working around the clock to help shape the Healthcare Revolution.

Episode Experts

Dr. Robert Van Demark

Mayo Graduate School of Medicine

Dr. David Pearce, PhD

Sanford Research

Dr. Jason Hurd, MD


Vanessa Smith

Sanford Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

Lora Black RN, MPH

Sanford Research

Darcy DiFede, RN, BSN

UM Miller School of Medicine

Tiffany Facil

Sanford Health

Episode 9: Real World Evidence III

  • Many doctors using regenerative medical therapies sadly find it ironic that they feel demonized by those in conventional medicine.
  • But if patients are able to forego a total knee replacement, which has risks of morbidity and even mortality, and instead use their own cells to obtain natural results, why wouldn’t they?
  • The cost to insurance for a total knee replacement can be anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 depending on the hospital..
  • You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder if the profit driven healthcare industry is allowing doctors to stand by their Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm” or forcing an ulterior motive.

Episode 10: The Grand Vision

  • Cellular medicine and stem cell therapies are being investigated and used to treat virtually all types of orthopedic sports injuries, degenerative diseases, cancers, and immunologic disorders.
  • This episode features leading scientists and physicians who are using stem cells, NK (natural killer) cells, immuno-oncology, and gene therapy in an attempt to initiate or restart the regenerative process that's necessary to repair and renew damaged tissues or organs in response to disease or injury.
  • See how their innovations, backed by billions of dollars are taking flight in both the private and public sector. And how they share one radical goal: to change the manner in which disease and illness is treated around the world.